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Mothersays "Black boards"

- May you belong to me

- Nini ko

- Like a rainbow

- Yaleo

- Men on the border

- Love's the light

- Funky zen

- Stay with me

- Tell me what you need

- Babe i know

- What i see in your eyes

Créditos del álbum:

Bass & lead vocal: Shakara

Spanish guitar & voice Yaleo: Malou

Electric guitar & accoustic: Patrice Tison | Chris Polloni

Sax: François Thebere | Didier Malherbe

Trombone: Jean Claude Honesta

Trumpet: Ron Mezza

Palmas Yaleo: Malou | Jorge Tejerina

Keyboards: Eric Bono

Drums & percussions: Philippe Chauveau

Background vocals: Anne Marie | Ramotofiringa Sha | Leila Negram | Béatrice Roy | Evelyne Palvair | Allen Scott | Jack Jackson

Harmonica: Hervé Bastien

Produced by Eric Bono | Philippe Chauveau S.B.C. Productions for Comotion Music

1991 (P) & (C) Comotion Music